Pagi pouffes can be ordered both in the Store at www.pagidesign.com and by contacting the Pagi Makers directly by e-mail at shop@pagidesign.com.

After placing the order, we will send you an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the order.

After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation. After your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping notification followed by notifications at various stages of the delivery process.

No. You can add as many products to the basket as you want and then easily modify its contents. When you leave our store, you do not have to empty your cart, you can finish the shopping you have interrupted the next time you visit. Adding items to your cart is a good way to track your purchases. Product prices are automatically added up in the basket, taking into account the current promotions and shipping.

We carry out shipments to all countries in the EU. For deliveries outside the EU, please contact us by e-mail at shop@pagidesign.com.

For the creators of Pagi, Ecology and caring for our planet is not just an empty slogan. We are not doing it for show and we are worried about what will be left of us. The films we use to pack pouffes are 80% recycled and are still recyclable after use! Use the pouffes and throw the packaging in the plastic bin. In this way, you too are helping to protect the environment.

The order fulfillment time depends on the availability of the product in our warehouse. We will send you the products available from stock within 3 working days. However, most of the products, especially those made of upholstery fabrics with a higher grammage of material, are sewn to order. Each piece is unique and we need time to make it such. Then the time of execution of such an order is from 7 to 21 business days, excluding delivery time.

Our shipments are of a dimensional nature, therefore the time of delivery by the shipping company is up to 5 working days from the date of sending the order by the store. You can also submit inquiries regarding the waiting time for a specific product by contacting us by e-mail at shop@pagidesign.com.

Of course! Contact us and we will arrange your individual order.
You can choose colors and materials for each pouffe. Your imagination knows no boundaries. You can also embroider your individual slogan or, if the material allows it, add other decorations or prints.

Of course! Contact us and we will arrange your individual order.

EPP Pearls!
The most common filling in the pouffes available from other manufacturers is EPS styrofoam granules (EPS) or, even worse, styrofoam waste. Manufacturers outdo each other in descriptions and names, but it does not change the fact that it is still only polystyrene.

EPP pearls are a material that resembles styrofoam granules, however, they have several characteristics that are not found in eps. They are much more resistant to physical factors, they are harder, they withstand even very heavy loads. Despite their plasticity and elasticity, they are resistant to deformation and mechanical damage. Contrary to styrofoam granules, EPP pearls return to their previous shape and the Pagi pouffes does not require refilling.

A ready and complete piece of furniture consists of an internal cover with its filling and an external cover.
In addition, if you want to change the color or material of the furniture, you can buy the outer cover itself.

Our primary goal is to manufacture products that fully care for the safety of both users and the surrounding environment. Epp Pearls are 100% recyclable and contain no hazardous substances.
In addition, to take care of your safety even more, we have created a unique inner cover. Outstanding material, a specialized zipper, the sliding of which has been limited to an absolute minimum, as well as additional security, completely prevent accidental spreading and falling out of EPP Pearls.
To satisfy your curiosity, we attach a sachet of EPP Pearls to each piece of pouffes, so that you can convince yourself of their uniqueness.

The creators of Pagi perfectly understand that the raw materials we choose are of fundamental importance for the satisfaction of our customers and for the environment around us. For this reason, we only work with raw materials of the highest standard.
EPP pearls are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. None of the previous filling gave this possibility.
In addition, we have created the Terra collection, which has become the quintessence of the Eco style.
Each piece of pouffes in the „Materials and finishes” tab has a detailed description of each raw material used. Convince yourself of their uniqueness.

Striving for excellence and continuous development in the spirit of innovation is our goal. For this reason, we only work with raw materials of the highest standard. A detailed description of the materials used can be found in the description of the pouffes in the „Materials and finishes” tab.

Of course! Contact us and you will receive up to five free samples.

In the description of the pouf, in the Care tab, you will find a detailed description of how to care for it. As well as in the Care & maintenance tab, you will find further advice on how to care for the pouf and take full advantage of its individual properties.

Please note that you can buy a ready-made and complete pouffe consisting of an inner cover with filling and an outer cover. Also, if you want to change the color or material of the pouffe, you can buy the outer cover itself. Their place is in a separate tab „Covers”.